Our designs for various apparel and accessories

Philippine American Flag Tattoo
Honoring Filipino Americans
The Greatest American Hero
Coming Soon!
Coming Soon!
Ms. Philippines
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HELLO I am a Healthcare Hero
Dedicated to ALL Front Line Healthcare Wokers COVID 19 background.
Healthcare Heroes Emblem
Dedicated to ALL Front Line Healthcare Wokers Modified Healthcare Emblem Ripping through the Shirt!
Healthcare Heroes
Dedicated to ALL Front Line Healthcare Wokers
Healthcare Heroes
Dedicated to ALL Front Line Healthcare Wokers
Sun Goddess (Mother's Day Warrior Special)
Dedicated to Filipina Mothers and all Pinays in Super Heroine Style
Term of Endearment for Old School Filipino Americans. Sometimes, you have to experience the Train Ride. If you know, then you were there.
Anatomy of the Barrel Man
A mash up of Filipino Humor and Art. A must figurine for every Filipino Household.
Tinikling Boy
The traditional dance of the Philippines mashed with an American record label known throughout old school hip hop DJ's
Tribal Fighting Rooster
A Traditional Filipino tattoo style in a Contemporary style design on the face of a Fighting Rooster. We honor our long lost tradition.
United to Stay Divided, Flatten the Curve
One World, One Fight against a common tragedy of humanity. Unite to Stay Home to Flatten the Curve
I Stayed At Work For You, You Stay At Home for Us
Dedicated to all workers on the frontline in any industry that has been providing the world its basic needs.
Let COVID-19 know how you really feel. Support Social Distancing, Staying Home, and Proper Hand Washing to Fight against the spread of the Corona Virus (COVID-19).
Autism Awareness 2019
Be a Hero by being Aware for Autism
Autism Awareness April 2
Our Contribution to raise awareness through art
NYC Nights
When Filipino Americans take it to the next level, they ventured into NYC. Dedicated to the NYC Nightlife back in the 80's and 90's
Dancehall Reggae
Dedicated to the innovators of Dancehall Reggae Music from the 80s/90s. Can't have a old school pinoy house party in the basement without those rhythms.
House Nation
Dedicated to the Titans of House Music from the 80s/90s. Can't have a old school pinoy house party in the basement without'em Long Live the House Nation
Adapt 45
A mash up of an old school turntable tool and inspiration to ADAPT to any situation.
Battle Mode
World DJ Day Remix
Life goes in cycles and sometimes you just gotta step into the ring to battle life to succeed
Good at being naughty!
The Marvelous Nostalgink
Comic books have always been part of us growing up. We dedicate this one to the comic company that inspires us and for it's first 10 years of cinematic glory.
5 Deadly Venoms Returns
5 Deadly Venoms returns. Our 2nd and newest version of one the greatest cult classic kungfu movies of all time. More venomous than ever!
Dedicated to one our favorite Superhero Squads - GFORCE (at least that's how we knew them way back)! Our version of the chest emblem.
Transmute Watch
Our recreation design of the most sophisticated watch in the galaxy. The Transmutation Watch of GFORCE
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